Конкурс проектов 2019


The Gardens and People 2018 Festival at VDNH has come to an end.

On August 16-26, more than 30,000 guests visited the landscape art festival to see the garden exhibition and attend lectures and workshops.

The festival was covered by all central TV channels, dozens of media, and hundreds of photo bloggers.

The festival winners in 2018 are the new stars of Russian landscape design, and the professional community will discuss the jury's work results over the coming year, headed by famous garden designer Andy Stegen.

This year's festival is over, and the festival site has returned to normal until next year, but the Gardens and People team continues its activities.

Allow us to share our plans for the next six months.

In the first half of September, the results will be summed up, and both the successful outcomes and shortcomings of the Gardens and People 2018 festival will be discussed.

On September 22-23, a large group of participants and partners of the Gardens and People festival will visit a landscape festival in Bergamo, Italy, where they will present Gardens and People at the international landscape conference.

In October, there will be an introductory workshop for potential participants of the Gardens and People 2019 festival. The conditions of the creative contest and details of working with sponsors etc. will be discussed.

On November 23-26, Gardens and People will hold the 2nd annual international landscape conference in Partenit, at the Aivazovskoye health resort.

The topic of the conference will be: "Russia's landscaping market: challenges and trends in 2018. The game continues!"

We invite all our friends and partners to attend this conference. 

Of course, all lovers of landscape art, gardening, transplant nursery, and of beautiful and harmonious gardens are invited to the Gardens and People at VDNH festival in August 2019. 

The topic of the garden competition is The Fifth Element.


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