Organizational presentation 2019


Action plan


1.  Application + project (a sketch reflecting the architecture and size of the garden) until  June 1.

2.  The Organising Committee makes a decision on the application.

3.  If necessary, the Organising Committee shall consult with members of the Expert Council and give the application recommendations on adjusting the project.

4.  The Organising Committee announces the list of materials provided to the participants by the organisers of the festival.

5.  The designer provides the Organising Committee with a list of missing materials for the garden.

6.  Full set of documents to be submitted before  July 1:

  • Information plate;
  • Logos of sponsors and partners (vector graphics and jpg);
  • Description of the garden for guided tours and the press;
  • A copy of the questionnaire to be filled out for the Technical Directorate, an application for services of the developer.

7.  Information for promotion on social networks:

  • Creator's photo;
  • Photos of the work progress;
  • Information about the creator;
  • Photos of favorite plants, etc.

8.  If the sponsor is a festival sponsor, it should be informed about the need to conclude a contract.

9. Participants must provide applications for the provision of special vehicles/machinery (loader, bobcat, manipulator, etc.) in advance, and VDNH (All-Russian Exhibition Centre) utilities are paid for by the participant, according to the time spent performing the work.

10. It is necessary to issue a request for volunteers to help with the construction, maintenance and dismantling of the garden by July 1.

11. Strict access control rules at VDNH: - limited number of passes, - prohibition of vehicle entry into the grounds on weekends, - restriction on parking trucks in passageways, - unloading at night is possible.

12. During the festival, a representative of the garden (creator, sponsor, partner, etc.) must be present at the site every day.

13. Installation of gardens is carried out from August 1  to August 12 (11:59 pm)!

14. August 13 is a day for calm and judging. The creatorsmust be present at the site when the jury assess the installations!


Sample information plate


Garden name.

Braer. All in good time.


Name(s) of the creator(s) of the garden.


Anna Lozinskaya, Maria Krutova


Sketch of the garden (the best of most effective, in your opinion).

A brief description of the idea/concept.


In this fast-paced world where everyone moves at a mile a minute and people are always busy, most of us communicate sporadically, either on social media or at the long-awaited weekends. Therefore, we decided it was very important to create a private place in the garden where people can communicate with each other in a pleasant environment…


The assortment of plants.


Malus "Red Sentinel"
Thuja occidentalis "Smaragd"
Hydrangea paniculata "Levana"
Hydrangea paniculata "Tardiva"


Sponsor nurseries with their logos.

Niwaki bonsai and topiary nursery
AGRO nursery of decorative plants 

Sponsor companies with their logos.

General sponsor: BRAER Trading House
General developer: KhPK Kromlekh RFZ CJSC
Lighting of pathways: Light and Design Group
Lighting of plants: AKSIOMA LLC
Mist installation:
Metal sphere for the fire: Firecup handmade decorative fires
Fertile soil: Formula Rosta LLC
Garden mulch: RUSTSVET LLC

Calendar for garden preparation work:


August 1, 2019: installation of the gardens and festival site begins

August 12, 2019: installation and preparation of gardens for the jury is completed

August 13, 2019: day for calm and judging activities

August 14, 2019: the festival opens for professionals and the press, preview day

August 15-25, 2019: official operation of the festival

August 25, 2019: official closing day of the festival

August 26, 2019 – September 2, 2019: gardens and festival site are dismantled


Download the form for Questionnaire for the Technical Directorate of the Festival 2019

Download the form for Developer Services 2019

Download the form for Schedule of Works on Garden Construction 2019

Applications for participation 2019

Festival 2019 Regulations