I. General Terms

The contest is held as part of the Moscow International Gardens and People Festival with the support of the Association of Producers of Planting Material and the Moscow Landscape Club.

The organiser of the Contest is the Organising Committee of MMF Gardens and People

II. Goals and objectives of the garden competition

The garden competition is held at the festival with the aim to:

  • improve landscape art in Russia;
  • promote horticulture in Russia;
  • identify the best designers and creators of landscape art;
  • popularise Russian planting material and nurseries in the Russian market.

III. Procedure

Professionals are invited to participate in the garden competition, including architects, landscape designers, landscape architects, artists, sculptors, decorators, producers of garden products, students of specialised universities, colleges, or courses.

Participants can submit an individual or collective project

The creator of the garden provides the Screening Committee with the following materials:

  • Garden design (manual or computer graphics)
  • Project description
  • Description of the materials to be used to create the garden
  • Application for participation (form is attached)

The creator of the garden independently determines the funding sources to pay for the materials and works needed to create the garden and independently organises the works to construct the garden for the competition.

The Organising Committee provides information support to the participants of the Garden Competition for finding potential sponsors and partners for the creation of the garden, providing information about plant nurseries, suppliers of soil, natural stone, small forms, garden accessories, etc.

The Screening Committee of the festival makes a decision on whether a potential contestant participates in the competition, after which the participant enters into a contract for the implementation of the project and makes payment.

IV. Themes and categories for the competition in 2019

Entries should follow the theme: "The Fifth Element"

The creators of the gardens will use all their professional experience and creativity to convey the "The Fifth Element" theme in such a way as to capture the viewer's interest and attention. To create an exhibition garden, the creators can interpret the theme as a game or a play on colours, images, shapes, textures, styles, etc. 


The categories are as follows:

  1. Large garden (100 sq. m)
  2. Small garden (50 sq. m)
  3. Teacher and student. (from 50 to 100 sq. m) 
  4. Landscape art installation. (up to 10 sq. m)
  5. Beginner gardens.  (up to 15 sq. m)


V. Screening Committee

The Screening Committee is appointed by the festival's Organising Committee to provide a high level of creativity for the exhibition of gardens. The Screening Committee considers the submitted projects and independently decides which ones can be implemented at the garden exhibition.

All works of applicants for the garden exhibition are published on the festival website for open access and discussion among the professional community.

VI. Jury and evaluation of works

A professional jury is invited by the festival's Organising Committee to decide the winning gardens in the competition. Members of the jury independently, objectively and impartially evaluate the projects of the competition participants and determine the best ones by filling in the protocol.

The project evaluation criteria are as follows:

  • Originality of the idea is and its compliance with the aims and theme of the competition;
  • Creative approach to the implementation of the idea;
  • Expressiveness and integrity of the composition;
  • Imagery and ecological compatibility of plants;
  • Quality of the completed exhibition garden.

The jury determines the winners:

  • Grand Prix -– one prize;
  • Gold medal – one prize in each category;
  • Silver medal – up to two prizes in each category;
  • Bronze medal —  up to two prizes in each category;
  • Festival diploma – to all participants.

The jury may decide to assign a special prize with proper justification.

Additional prizes and awards:

To increase the interest of professionals and amateurs in the Garden Competition, additional prizes and awards can be established:

  • Audience choice award, which is awarded based on the results of voting by the exhibition visitors;
  • Internet community award, which is awarded based on the results of voting via social networks;
  • Organising Committee prize for the best project that was not implemented;
  • Special prizes and awards from the sponsors of the garden competition.

 VII. Organisation of the participants' work

Each participant's spot (location) is determined at the discretion of the Organising Committee, taking into account the concept and the best presentation of the garden to visitors.

During assembly and dismantling, electricity and water are provided at the Organiser's expense.

All travel, accommodation and meals for participants during the festival are organised independently by the participants at their own or their sponsor's expense.

Participants will be informed of the date and time of the general meeting with the representatives of the festival's Organising Committee responsible for the Competition according to the contact details provided by them.


Applications for participation 2019

Organisational presentation