Vegetable garden in the city

Просянский сад - лабиринт с геометрической разбивкой дорожек (план XVII века)

The cultivation of vegetables and herbs is the most ancient and traditional horticultural activity, along with the cultivation of crops. Vegetables and spicy herbs saturate us with vitamins and give energy. Citezens can be pleased with bright colors by green spaces of vegetation. 

The vegetable garden in the city, especially in the moden megalopolis, is gaining more and more supporters. Year by year, the idea to cultivate the land and harvest not only in the suburban areas, but also in the city becomes more and more popular. More and more people are growing vegetables, herbs and flowers on balconies and in front gardens near the house. This is becoming a common phenomenon and a new kind of leisure, uniting adults and children.

Вертикальные грядки

The project "garden in the city" is an educational exhibition platform for a wide range of citizens of different ages, including children, with the theme of the development of vegetable gardens in a large city through the demonstration of different types of vegetable plants and herbs, educational and play activities, such as lectures, master classes, etc.

The project is a socialy focused , and designed to spred knowledge about ways to grow vegetables in the city. This is a joint work of teachers and students of the Faculty of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture of the Agricultural Academy named after K.A. Timiryazev.

We will introduce you to the history of gardening in Russia, the basis of which has traditionally been fruit gardens and kitchen gardens. "Red" gardens (which means "beautiful" in Russian) and ornamental gardens of the Izmailovo estate of Tsar Alexy Mikhailovich are known from the middle of the 17th century. They were famous for the variety of garden species and their beauty, regular flower gardens and scented herbs gardens. You will learn about the assortment of vegetables and herbs  which were grown traditionally in Russia.

Огород в Сиреневом саду 01

You will learn about modern technologies of growing vegetables and herbs in the city - hydro and aeronautical technologies, vertical methods of growing. You will see the simple and affordable devices for cultivating gardens in a balcony or city front garden.

For the children of different ages there will be exciting activities in the play area where you can view and touch plants. Master classes and games will also take place there. ,

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